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Mechanical Engineering Caritas University

The discipline of Mechanical Engineering aims to provide education and training necessary for students to follow careers and practicing engineering in industries and the technical branches of the public, private and defence services. The emphasis in the programme is on developing in the graduates the skills to cope with the challenges of a developing country like Nigeria. The courses offered are project oriented, therefore, students are acquired not only to be proficient in the theoretical precept, but also to be creative and innovative in finding solutions to mundane technical problems. A major thrust in the training of student is instilling in them the ability to recognize societal needs. With sufficient human and material resources to produce excellent and qualified graduates that will not only keep pacing but taking the lead of the national technological revolution.

In addition to the minimum University entry requirement (i.e. five credits in WAEC, SSCE or GCE O/L), candidates for admission by entrance into the five year programme must have obtained credit inn the West African School Certificate, SSCE or in the General certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Candidates seeking direct admission into the first year of the four-year programme must satisfy the conditions stated above. In addition, they must have passed in at least two subjects in one sitting in the General certificate Education (Advanced Level) or in the higher school certificate (Principal Level). The two subjects should be selected from the following: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematic, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering drawing. Candidates may also be admitted into the four year programme if they posses at least lower credit in Ordinary National Diploma (OND), Higher National Diploma (HND), or other equivalent or higher certificate passed at the credit level. Notwithstanding all the above requirements, candidates who passed recognized professional experience such as craftman with technical college background or industrial apprenticeship and who have credit in the West African school certificate or in General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, may be admitted if they pass the JAMB

To be eligible for the award of Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) with honours in Mechanical Engineering, a student must successfully complete all his course and satisfying both the internal and external examiners in the written and practical projects.